Bizarre concept car has an anti-collision goldfish tank

Don’t all rush to buy one ….. but this gives a look at how car ergonomics might change as the task of driving is taken away from the car’s occupants.

Written by Colin Druce-McFadden on 28 November 2013

A strange concept car recently appeared at China’s Guangzhou Auto Show. Designed to be fully autonomous, the vehicle boasts swiveling front seats, massive gullwing doors, and a dashboard heavily populated with screens. It also has a unique sort of safety feature: a fish tank.

The concept vehicle is called the WitStar, and the fish, well, the fish are there to prove to you how safe autonomous driving really is. It’s Guangzhou Auto’s belief that, since a crash would undoubtedly shatter the fish tank, if they’re able to put a fish tank into the car in the first place, you and your fellow passengers must be entirely safe. After all, nobody’s going to build a car that could potentially kill ten unwitting goldfish, right? That would just be messed up.

Like some other recent concept cars we could mention, Guangzhou Auto doesn’t seem to have quite thought its idea all the way through. Even if their claim of a completely safe autonomous car is true, there’s still nothing stopping a truck driver from blowing a tire and smashing your fish-bearing WitStar into automotive oblivion. At that point, all the mental security in the world won’t save you from the reality of most of a dozen ex-fish.

Furthering the sense of foreboding which you can’t help but feel when faced with a security goldfish is the complete lack of a tech demonstration from the WitStar. Like the goldfish tank, the car’s autonomous drive capabilities might just be all in your head. Autonomous drive is coming, but we’ll have to wait and see if the WitStar and its fishy security features really ever go anywhere.



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