Nissan self driving demonstration + Renault launch in 2014

Given the alliance between Nissan and Renault it seems that Nissan is to be the platform for high level, fully autonomous drive, while Renault will be used to market more immediate and affordable versions of self driving tech. In this way they will be hedging their bets with 2 contrasting approaches  to their shared technological developments. This seems shrewd economics given the unpredictable way the self driving market may develop to have fingers in multiple pies.

Nissan say they are aiming at something approaching full autonomy by 2020 while Renault are offering their Zoe which ‘enables driving to be ‘delegated’ to the car at speeds below 19mph in areas where no pedestrians or bicycles are allowed.’

Full articles:

Nissan’s ‘Tron’ self-driving car becomes first to be allowed on Japanese highways

Renault self-driving tech ready in 2014


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