The self-driving car is going to change our lives soon!

I don’t hear people talking about it and it is barely on the national news. I want to encourage awareness of what is coming and how it will affect us.

I think industries will be turned on their heads, how do you put yourself in a position to maximise the benefits? e.g. anyone who drives for living needs to be assessing how they make their wage.

Do you welcome the autonomous car with open arms, or do you think it will dehumanise us? How and when will this happen? What are the consequences for us (saving lives, saving time, saving money)? And will you need to own a car or just hail one on your phone?

I started a blog to engage in discussion and develop ideas for public consumption, and direct visitors to recent news and reports.


The blog includes

  • my articles (factual and opinion)
  • press articles
  • references to books, papers and other blogs

So welcome to my blog, happy exploring and please get involved by leaving your opinions and thoughts.


Richard Rogers is a civil engineer based in London, working on construction of roads and building projects including: Heathrow Airport, M1, Luton guided busway, Gerrards Cross rail tunnel, Ascot Racecourse, Walkie Talkie building and many many more..


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