Reports / Research

KPMG Report 10 October 2013: Self-Driving Cars – Are We Ready?

KPMG 2013

Up-to-date research focusing on typical attitudes to allowing technology to take over driving. They arranged focus groups across the US to understand the typical mental barriers which might make customers reluctant to buy into autonomous cars. There is also comparison with other industries where a new technology has disrupted the existing market and looks at what factors allowed the change to come about. Page 6 includes an interesting graph showing how quickly internet discussion has accelerated since early 2012.

KPMG Report May 2012: Self-driving cars – The next revolution

KPMG 2012

Last year KPMG produced a dense report looking at how introducing self-driving cars could progress and what impact would this have on various industries such as car insurance:

Autonomous Cars and Society

Alex Forrest, Mustafa Konca wrote a paper back in 2007 looking at what the consequences could be of self-driving cars coming on to our streets. Although it is a few years ago it still sounds current and has not been embarrassed by later events.






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